59S multifunctional UVC steriliser

CHF 99.00
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Until 12.05.2022 free with an order with a purchase value of CHF299.

Fast sterilisation: kills 99.9% of all germs and viruses in just 3 minutes with 10 UV LED light diodes.

Safe design: this steriliser has a built-in sensor that automatically turns off the UV light when the lid is opened to prevent damage to eyes and skin. No ozone or other harmful gases are produced during or after disinfection.

Wide range of applications: With dimensions of 23 x 10 x 7 cm, the device is suitable for many products to be sterilised, such as mobile phones, headphones, keys, glasses, cosmetics and care products, etc.

Long service life: The LED UV diodes have a service life of 10,000 operating hours.

Simple and user-friendly:

1. Place the object in the box

2. Click on the disinfection button to start disinfection, the white light flashes.

3. At the end of disinfection, the white light lights up permanently and your object can be removed.